About Heather

I truly love the life I was given, and I’m living my purpose by being in service of others and hopefully my services will help you heal your body and mind.

How did I get started in massage?

Well, it was honestly a whim. I was traveling in Australia back in 2002 and met a woman about my age who was making her way across the country by doing chair massage. I personally had never had a professional massage at that point and really had no idea what a career in massage would look like, but the thought of a flexible schedule and travel intrigued me. It stayed as an interesting possibility in the back of my mind. I finally went and got a few massages for myself and was Skip ahead to January 2006 and I enrolled at Arizona School of Massage-Tempe and started training for my new career.

How long have I been practicing massage?

After I graduated ASMT in August of 2006, I applied and received my license in December of that same year. I started off working on friends and family till I got my first job at a Day Spa in Chandler. Over the years I have worked in a few smaller Day Spas, two chiropractors offices, Massage Envy (Dobson and Chandler Crossroads), and maintained my lovely and loyal private clients who have followed me. That’s means I’ve practicing my craft about 25-30 hours per week over the last 12+ years.

What did I do before I became a Massage Therapist?

I grew up in Asheville North Carolina and got bored with college and my small town and decided to joined the United States Navy. I spent the next 6 years serving my country in Great Lakes Illinois, Guam and Pensacola Florida as a Hospital Corpsman (medic). I saw a lot and learned a ton. I became fascinated with the human body and all its many quirks. I saw the good and bad sides of traditional medicine and fell in love with Chiropractic care.

What can my massage help you with?

Well just about everything. I have a plethora of life knowledge, hands on training, personal life experience, and stories/knowledge passed down to me from clients over the years that has helped me help my clients. I am a facilitator of all that knowledge and I want pass the benefits on to you.

Below is a list of common/chronic issues that I am able to improve upon:

Sinus Congestion/Allergy Symptoms

Lower Back or Sciatica Issues/Pain

Neck, Shoulder and Back Tension/Pain

Range of Motion and Flexibility

Runners’ Injuries

Shoulder Issues/Pain

Migraine and or Tension Headaches

TMJD- Jaw Pain/Popping

Plantar Fasciitis

Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Hip and Knee Pain/Mobility Issues

Hand/Foot Conditions or Pain

What about gratuity?

My personal perspective on gratuities and tipping is that because I am the owner I do not need to receive gratuities.  I would prefer that you save your gratuities to be able to afford your next session sooner. It’s more important to me that you as my client are able to live and love your life as best you can by taking care of yourself.

If you really want to leave me something- gluten free gummy bears/worms are my favorite treat and Amazon, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines gift cards always come in handy.

If you happen to be using a Groupon or LivingSocial voucher please understand that you are receiving a discounted session and that the company does take almost half of what you pay. If you feel my session is worth it- feel free to tip as so.

What payment methods do you accept?

Starting January 1, 2021 all clients must put a card on file to book an appointment. This doesn’t have to be the card you use to pay for your appointment, but if you late cancel or no show for your appointment that card can and will be charged up to the full amount for the appointment.

  • Cash: Prefered Method
  • Credit Cards:  (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Money Transfers from
    • Cash App: $HeatherGerken, hgtherapies@gmail.com
    • Venmo: @Heather-Gerken-LMT, hgtherapies@gmail.com